Get Involved

Learn how you can get involved with the Foundation through committees, advisory boards, and other volunteer activities.

Be Part of the David Douglas Educational Foundation Board:

We are always looking for individuals who would like to be part of our Board wanting to support David Douglas School District.  Yout involvement could range from two hours each month to much more.  Please contact Bev Fischer, President, at 503.255.1149 to find out how you can be involved.

Volunteer for our Grants Committee:

Each year we award grants to teachers, school or community groups.  We have a small committee that once a year in late spring reviews all applications and make recommendation to The Board for approval.

Volunteer for our Scholarship Committee

Each year we award four scholarships to David Douglas Seniors.  We also oversee several Endowed Scholarships that are given each year.  The members of the scholarship committee review and score each application against the scholarship criteria.  This can be done in your home and does not require regular attendance at meetings.

Volunteer for our Funding Raising Activities: 

As a Foundation we do not have a big function each year, but do need volunteers when we are planning a fundraising activity.  In the past we have held annual dinner/auctions raising funds for various programs.  Your help is always needed and can be as minimal as what you have available.

If you want to get involved even in a small way, please call Bev Fischer at 503.255.1149.

Volunteer from home:

If you have limited time but still want to help, there are smaller tasks that need to be done, such as type “Thank You” notes, make phone calls, etc.  Call Bev Fischer at 503.255.1449 for more information.