Musical Instruments: Wanted Alive or Dead

Check your closets, under the bed, or any other hiding place where you might have stored your child’s old musical instrument.

Please consider donating your no longer used musical instruments to David Douglas Educational Foundation (DDEF). Of course we would like musical instruments in good condition that can be used by music students. HoweSAXAPHONEver, we can also accept some “dead” instruments for art projects!  So far the following instruments have been donated and are now in the hands of students:

4 Violins
3 Clarinets
2 Alto Saxophones
2 Keyboards
1 Cello
3 Flutes
1 Wooden Clarinet
1 Coronet
1 Trombone

Your donation is tax deductible! To increase your tax deductible donation, have the instrument serviced or repaired prior to the donation.

How to donate:
1. Between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm – Monday thru Friday, bring your donation to:

David Douglas District Office, Special Projects Office
11300 NE Halsey

2. Or contact Bev Fischer, 503-255-1149 for instrument pickup

A tax deductible receipt is available at the office. Just fill it in with your name and address, description of the donated item and an estimated value of the donation. We can sign the receipt and provide you with a copy of the donation.