What We Have Done

David Douglas Educational Foundation provides support to the students and staff in various ways such as:


  • Over $300,000 in grants were funded to staff and special groups since 1993.
  • First grant was a special request from AOMS for Great Horned Owl taxidermy in 1993.
  • Technology grants have been awarded for equipment and software throughout the district.
  • Grants have provided funds to purchase musical instruments.
  • DDEF has funded grants to provide seed money to start in-school student business, such as the Coffee Cart for the Community Transition Program.
  • Annual Spring grants are awarded each year.
  • Special grants have been awarded for special projects or needs requests.


  • Over $42,000 in scholarships have been awarded to David Douglas Highs School seniors since 1995.
  • Four $1,000 DDEF scholarships are awarded each year.
  • Seven endowed scholarships are awarded each year.
  • Additional special scholarships are provided from donations by patrons.
  • Scholarships are funded for Community Sports for elementary students.

DDEF Kid’s Fund:

  • This special program is supported by staff payroll deduction to $5 Campaign.
  • The funds equitably divided each year to schools and used by school counselors for special needs.
  • The type of items funded included glasses, prescriptions, emergency dental, clothing, etc. when other funding sources are not available.

Special Asks at Dinner/Auction Events:

  • Outdoor School
  • David Douglas Music Program
  • Seats for the Performing Arts Center
  • Library Books for Ron Russell
  • DDEF Kid’s Fund
  • Scholarship Program