Welcome to the David Douglas Educational Foundation web site. We appreciate your visit!

We are proud of the fact that the DDEF began and continues to be an all volunteer board.  Parents, community members,  teachers, districts employees (current and retired), and David Douglas alumni are part of our small but involved group.

Since 1991, we have presented over $460,000 in grants  for innovative educational ideas and opportunities and $69,000  in scholarships for graduating seniors.

We have held 20 dinner/auctions,, with over $350,000 in profits,  seven chili challenges, wine tours, product sales and pledge campaigns.  We have earned the honor of managing gift endowments as well as being remembered in living trusts/wills.

We continue to be supportive of each other and our work to  benefit all children in our district.

We are pleased with our accomplishments and continue to do our best.

Join us and be part of making a difference in the David Douglas community.



Musical Instruments:
Wanted Alive or Dead

Check your closets, under the bed, or any other hiding place where you might have stored your child’s old musical instrument. CLICK HERE to learn how you can support the David Douglas Music Department.

Opportunity Knocking

This ad is brought to you by busy parents with busy lives. Are you looking for a way to help the district but you just don’t have a lot of time? The David Douglas Education Foundation is looking for new members! For as little as two hours a month you can make a big difference for our students. We work on student scholarships, teacher grants and more. Come join our team and help make an impact in our students futures.

Interested? Please contact: information@ddefforkids.org, carneyjo1@gmail.com or Bev Fischer (503-255-1149).